Monday, July 12, 2010

We're Alive!

Although our blog has been dead for some time, we are alive and well! We are living a simple life out here in North Carolina. Kyle is hard at work and we are loving the few moments we have to spend with each other! Thought I'd post a few summer pics to prove our existence. . .

Beach Babies!

Park and Pool!

Sweet Friends!

Fourth of July!

And some funny thoughts from the mind of a two year old. . .

Eating dinner one night we named each piece of broccoli on Ellie's plate. After she ate the Ellie and Ava broccoli and a few others I was ready to clear her plate. She began to have a melt down and informed me that she had to eat the Mommy and Daddy broccoli too, because they would miss Ellie and Ava. After successfully eating her Mommy broccoli, down went Daddy broccoli to give Mommy kisses!

While potty training Ellie had an accident on the playground, wearing Fancy Nancy underwear. She hung her head and said, "Fancy Nancy is sad".

After eating lunch one day, Ellie proudly pat her tummy and said, "My tummy says, Thank you sooo much!"

A friend gave Ellie the nickname Elliekins. While putting her to sleep one night Ellie said, "I love you Mommykins!"

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ava's Blessing Day!

We blessed Ava the first of the month and it has really made me reflect on how blessed I truly am. How lucky I am to have such a sweet little girl in our home so fresh from heaven and beautiful in every way. I didn't know that I could love another baby as much as I love Ellie, but I do.

Her blessing day was perfect. She wore the dress that I was blessed in and looked adorable. We blessed her in our home surrounded by family. It was sweet and intimate and Kyle gave a beautiful blessing. I feel so blessed not only to have a husband that was worthy and able to give the blessing, but to have been able to share this special day with supportive family members from both sides.

I feel like the older I get the deeper emotions I feel both ways. Life gets harder, but also sweeter. Life's not easy, but relationships make it worth it, and its days like this that make it worth living.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ava Grace


6lbs 20z

18in long

Well it's been about 4 weeks since the birth of our sweet little Ava. Ellie is out on a play date, the baby is sound asleep and I've finally found some time to post a blog! I realize that most of you that read my sporadic blogging have already heard the details of labor and delivery, but I thought I would review for those of you who haven't.

When I went in for my 38 week checkup on Dec 16th at 3pm I was dilated to a 4. Ava's heart rate was a little low and because of this and a handful of other reasons the Dr. decided it would be best to break my water and get the baby out a.s.a.p. Although I was hoping she would come early I found myself in a state of shock as the Dr. sent me downstairs to check in for labor and delivery. After having a slight meltdown (hey I was entitled to a few being almost 9months prego), I called my mom and sister to come get Ellie and sent Kyle home to pack us a hospital bag.

I had tested positive for the strep culture, so right after I was admitted they started my first dose of penicillin. 2 hours later at 6pm Kyle was back and the Dr. broke my water. He was hopeful that I would deliver before midnight. My contractions started to become more regular and I planned on getting an epidural at 8pm. Labor pains began to intensify rapidly and by 7:30pm I knew I was going to need the epidural sooner. Kyle called the nurse as I curled up in a ball feeling like I was going to die. Before I knew it the Nurse was calling through the intercom "We are having a baby!" and frantically struggling to get her gloves on. By 7:41pm I heard the first cry of a perfect baby girl! All I can say is wow that was painful, but luckily it was insanely quick too! I have a knew respect for those of you who choose to go all natural: )

We are doing great! Ava is so sweet and beautiful! and Ellie loves being a big sister!