Friday, January 15, 2010

Ava Grace


6lbs 20z

18in long

Well it's been about 4 weeks since the birth of our sweet little Ava. Ellie is out on a play date, the baby is sound asleep and I've finally found some time to post a blog! I realize that most of you that read my sporadic blogging have already heard the details of labor and delivery, but I thought I would review for those of you who haven't.

When I went in for my 38 week checkup on Dec 16th at 3pm I was dilated to a 4. Ava's heart rate was a little low and because of this and a handful of other reasons the Dr. decided it would be best to break my water and get the baby out a.s.a.p. Although I was hoping she would come early I found myself in a state of shock as the Dr. sent me downstairs to check in for labor and delivery. After having a slight meltdown (hey I was entitled to a few being almost 9months prego), I called my mom and sister to come get Ellie and sent Kyle home to pack us a hospital bag.

I had tested positive for the strep culture, so right after I was admitted they started my first dose of penicillin. 2 hours later at 6pm Kyle was back and the Dr. broke my water. He was hopeful that I would deliver before midnight. My contractions started to become more regular and I planned on getting an epidural at 8pm. Labor pains began to intensify rapidly and by 7:30pm I knew I was going to need the epidural sooner. Kyle called the nurse as I curled up in a ball feeling like I was going to die. Before I knew it the Nurse was calling through the intercom "We are having a baby!" and frantically struggling to get her gloves on. By 7:41pm I heard the first cry of a perfect baby girl! All I can say is wow that was painful, but luckily it was insanely quick too! I have a knew respect for those of you who choose to go all natural: )

We are doing great! Ava is so sweet and beautiful! and Ellie loves being a big sister!