Friday, September 25, 2009

We're Back!

The last couple of months have been eventful ones for the Fransen family and it's been a while since my last post. So here is my attempt to play catch up and cram August and September into one long post: )

Charleston, S.C.

We finished out the summer in Charleston S.C. and absolutely loved it there! It was by far one of our favorite places that we've lived so far. We ate lots of fresh seafood, enjoyed countless mornings at the beach, visited lots of civil war sites and had fun shopping in the unique shops of the charming downtown Charleston. (oh the antiques!) The historical architecture was beautiful! I think we probably spent one too many Sunday afternoons downtown for Kyles taste, but he was a good sport about letting me soak it all in, again and again.

Folly Beach

Morris Island Lighthouse

Patriots Point- USS Yorktown

Waterfront Park

Magnolia Cemetery

Angel Oak Tree

My parents came down to visit the last week we were there. It was a fun way to end the summer. Ellie was so excited to see them. It was then that I surprised my parents with my prego belly! Yep that's right. We are expecting again! I'm due December 3oth! and it's a girl! (I'll do a separate post later with prego shots and ultra sound pics.)

Cute Cupcake Shop Downtown

Marion Square


Lake Powell

The week after we got back from South Carolina we headed to Lake Powell with my family. It was so nice for Kyle to be able to have some fun after a long summer of hard work. Could there be a better place? Thanks again Dad!

After Powell we headed to Idaho to see the Fransens, then back to Utah for a Park City Anniversary getaway. Then last but not least we headed to Idaho once again for Potato Harvest (I'll post some pics in a separate post)! It's been a crazy but fun month for us, but I would have to say we are excited to be home and put our suitcases away: )


  1. We're glad you're back too! I still am not over the shock of seeing you for the first time since summer with a baby bump! It was so exciting finding out that way!

  2. i am so glad your home too. Thanks for letting me hang out during spud harvest it was alot of fun. love ya

  3. You guys had a busy couple of months! It looks like you had a lot of fun. See you soon!

  4. Congrats on baby #2, how exciting!

    It was fun to see a picture of the whole Smart family. It's funny for me to see Megan and Christine all grown up, I still think of them like when we were all in elementary school! Are they both married?
    Anyway, looks like you had a really fun summer!

  5. Hey Jamie! Hopefully you find this comment. It's been a while. I'm sorry we didn't meet up with you in Idaho. Josh got a text from Kyle one of our last days there but we already had family commitments planned for those last 2 days and later, on our way home, Josh was like, "Oh, I never called Kyle back!" We really were not trying to avoid you! :) There's just too much to squeeze in and so much fun to be had. We need to just move back there already! We actually feel cool in Idaho where people want to hang out with us. Here we're like, lame people who don't go to bars and have no social life. :( Wah. Cry for me. jk. I'm done whining now. Onto you... Congratulations! I read this post a while ago and didn't see the part about the baby! Then tonight I'm doing some good blog reading and I'm like, "Wait, what?!" How do you get TWO girls and I can't even get ONE?! Someday, someday...